Ceremonial Cacao Blends

Sometimes, you need more than just Cacao…                

Our ground Ceremonial Cacao mixed with carefully selected herbs, spices & superfoods to create a range of blends which balance medicine with beautiful taste.

Each blend has a story to tell & a reason for being.
No padding or crappy additives just pure ingredients, bringing benefits to your whole Being.

Cacao is the ideal companion to deliver the goodness of the chosen plant allies - They want to be together & to become part of you!

Enjoy individually or intermix!

Intentionally designed to be enjoyed individually or intermixed with one another to create a more complex range of flavours & benefits as you require or desire

*except perhaps Celtic Clarity which, due to the peppermint vibes, may be a stand alone blend?

If you’re seeking a delicious & interesting hot chocolate experience or
you want to enjoy the full benefits of Cacao & amazing ingredients -
We’ve got you covered.

Each blend has a (limited edition) garnish included to add beauty to each cup!

Our suggested serving size is 25g

Unsweetend / No refined sugar
Free from all major allergens
Dairy, soy & gluten free

From our heart to yours.
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