100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao

100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Forever Cacao

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Europe’s longest supplier of the finest Ceremonial Grade Criollo Cacao which has been grown, harvested, fermented and dried by Ashaninka families. Directly sourced from ancient Cacao gardens in the Rio Ene region of Peru.

Packaged in 100% Biodegradable bags made from kraft paper, cellulose and starch film. GMO free.

Available in 3 sizes, either in a block or pre-ground into crumble.

Now also available in easy to use Discs:

- Weighing in at approx 5.5g
- Create your preferred serving size
- Fabulous, satisfying little chunky discs
- Convenient & a joy to use
- Easy to melt or blend into a beautiful drink
- Simple to travel with your Cacao
- Nibble on them as they are or transform into the elixir of love
- As potent & delicious as ever!

200g is enough for 4-10 servings

500g is enough for 11-25 servings

1kg is enough for 24-50 servings

Here are some brief details on its resurgence as a medicine, its benefits and how to make a basic elixir.

Cacao was used in Ritual and Ceremony by our Mesoamerican ancestors and was considered sacred. It is interesting that the ritual and ceremonial use had been lost.
Cacao had been practically diluted beyond recognition into Chocolate confections with added fats and sugars which can detract from the magic.

There is a difference in vibration when you eat a dairy filled Chocolate bar compared to a minimally processed dark Chocolate.

Drinking Cacao in it's purest form allows a deeper connection to ourselves, our own intuition, knowing and inner guidance.

The joy of Cacao has recently been rediscovered in the western World, with people consuming it in a pure form and receiving support and messages from the Cacao spirit.

Cacao is regaining its reputation as a powerful yet gentle earth medicine.


  • Gentle but powerful
  • Won’t push you through a door rather gently leads you there if you are willing
  • Can sit with her and feel the support even when not drinking her
  • Helps you understand yourself
  • Can aid clearing emotional blocks
  • Enables the letting go of past relationships
  • Connects you with your creativity
  • Enhances focus and mental agility
  • May find you no longer crave crappy chocolate
  • Cacao can be enjoyed as an alternative to coffee or tea

Basic recipe:

42g of Cacao is considered a full ceremonial dose however you may wish to start with a half dose.

Put the chopped cacao in the bottom of a mug and add just enough hot water or plant based milk to wet it.

Mash into a thick paste with the back of a spoon, adding more hot water or plant based milk as needed, working until smooth.

Alternatively place the cacao in a blender, top up with a cup of hot liquid and blend until frothy.

Add a sweetener of choice to your preferred drinking consistency.

Other options for flavours include Vanilla, Salt, Chili powder, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger etc.

For more recipes and methods to make click here

Avoid dairy as Cows milk is said to block intestinal assimilation of flavonoids.

Heart conditions: Cacao is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, increasing flow, and reducing blood pressure if it is high.

Begin drinking water about halfway through a ceremony.