We Produce Stone-Ground, Single Origin, Handmade Un-roasted Chocolate.

We make small batches of Artisan Chocolate bars, often using just 3 ingredients – Un-roasted Cacao, Coconut Sugar & Cacao Butter.
This ensures the bars are minimally processed and free from dairy, gluten, palm oil, soya and refined sugar. The temperatures are kept low to preserve the antioxidants & nutrients found in Cacao.

We also offer Ceremonial Grade Cacao.

What is Ceremonial Grade Cacao?

It is the best of the best, just as matcha tea has a Ceremonial grade, so does Cacao.

Ceremonial Grade is Cacao from an heirloom bean, often a Criollo variety, sourced directly from a single origin or small area of a Country and harvested by Indigenous Communities from their own ancient 'gardens' where it just grows wild as it has for thousands of years.

It's Cacao that is untampered with by genetic modification and grows in a balanced ecosystem alongside other Rainforest plants.
A symbiotic relationship between plant and people is essential.

When it's wild it holds the intention of the Planet / Gaia to be grown instead of Cacao which is farmed intensively for large corporations.

The beans are minimally processed to produce pure Cacao.

As it’s made from the whole (de-husked) beans, all the original fats & goodness are retained which makes a creamy, rich and nourishing drink.

It’s often offered as a solid block or blocks of Cacao “paste” or, as we do, pre ground into a “crumble” - this is not the same as Cacao powder which has undergone many industrialised processes to produce it.

Cacao powder is never Ceremonial grade.

All of the fats are removed during the processing and what’s left is known as the press cake, it’s then milled to make the powder.

This alters the overall vibration and essence…it’s still nice and it’s more nutritious than standard alkalised cocoa but the magic is missing!

Save the Cacao = Save the Planet