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Forever Cacao

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Reconnection at its finest!
Cinnamon is earthy, magical & a universally loved taste bringing warmth & kindness to you.
Chaga will fortify you from the inside out, renowned as a nutritional powerhouse reconnecting your energy to all that is & all you want to be.

Cinnamon: Familiar & protective, relaxing, antispasmodic properties.

Chaga: A functional mushroom with health enhancing polysaccharides, triterpenoids, polyphenols, coenzyme Q & vitamin K.

Cacao: Ours is Peruvian heirloom Criollo, wild grown & sourced directly by us.
Whole beans (de-husked) create pure Cacao retaining the original fats & goodness including many vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
Cacao is the perfect companion to deliver benefits from additional superfoods, spices & herbs, enhancing their effectiveness.

Colour: Deep brown
Garnish: Pure cacao nibs to add extra intensity & textured garnish.
Flavour notes: Deep, rich & chocolatey with a warming cinnamon finish.

Great for Ceremony, meditation, dealing with the day to day!
Element: Earth
Season: Autumn

Fabulous mixed with ‘Love’ for a supportive, nurturing energy.