Celtic Clarity Blend
Celtic Clarity Blend

Celtic Clarity Blend

Forever Cacao

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A unique blend of Nettle, Lemonbalm & Peppermint.
These often overlooked plants have a European heritage & work synergistically to balance your Being, bringing full body nourishment & a refreshing clarity of thought.

Nettle: Fortifying and eternally there. Rich in vitamins A, C, D, K & minerals incl iron, calcium & magnesium

Lemonbalm: Calming, tonifying and eases anxiety.

Peppermint: Enhances focus, boosts concentration & mood.

Cacao: Ours is Peruvian heirloom Criollo, wild grown & sourced directly by us.
Whole beans (de-husked) create pure Cacao retaining the original fats & goodness including many vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
Cacao is the perfect companion to deliver benefits from additional superfoods, spices & herbs, enhancing their effectiveness.

Colour: Deep green
Garnish: Mixed leaves
Flavour notes: Balanced, herby, hints of lemon & gently minty

Great for: Ceremony, cerebral work, focused tasks or meditation
Element: Water
Season: Spring

Enjoy alone or intermix if you dare…!