The Story of our Ceremonial Cacao Blends

From conception to completion, our range of Ceremonial Cacao blends have been a long time in the making!

Each has a story to tell, in most cases the ingredients took time to arrive or drop in. Each has coalesced in a magical way, these plant allies want to be together & become part of you.

Ideal for regular use, daily ritual or Cacao Ceremony


The original inspiration was to balance the magic (& footprint) of our Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao with plants which were local to us in the UK.

Nettle was the first to speak up, quickly followed by lovely Lemonbalm.
I kept hearing “The medicine you seek is at your feet”

The idea broadened somewhat since then to include international herbs, spices & superfoods to create a range of blends which balance medicine with beautiful taste.
Divine timing & listening played a part in each ingredient or inclusion.
Some fell into place quite naturally, others asked to be included.

All are there for good reason with no padding or crappy additives just straight up goodness bringing benefits to your whole Being.
Ceremonial Cacao is the ideal companion to deliver the goodness of the chosen plant allies. Ours is as good as it comes


Each Ceremonial Cacao blend is intentional, considered by a range of generous Folks who tried & tested before the final recipes were settled on.

Some blends may stand the test of time, some may disappear from our shop altogether - who knows?

The petals & inclusion garnish may be limited edition for now or may remain, again - only time will tell!

The Ceremonial Cacao blends are simple in their own way, minimal variety of inclusions allow each ingredient to speak for itself & not overwhelm your system.
The blends are also intentionally designed to ‘intermix’ with one another to create a more complex set of flavours & additional benefits should you feel called.


Experiment with them!
Enjoy them alone or intermix to your hearts content…
We worked out there are  16 to 20 variations available across the whole range.

Our suggested serving size is 25g but again the choice is your - you may like more or less as your requirement calls!


Whether you are seeking a beautiful & interesting hot chocolate experience or you want to enjoy the full benefits of Cacao & amazing ingredients - we’ve got you covered.

There’s a lot of love poured into these blends - from our heart to yours.
We hope you love them too!