What's the difference?...

What’s the difference?
Ground Ceremonial grade Cacao Vs Cacao powder

Ground Ceremonial grade Cacao

This is the whole bean/seed, cracked into bits known as nibs then winnowed to remove the husk.
The nibs are then crushed into a paste with a stone grinder & simply poured into blocks that set at room temperature.
The blocks can be used directly & chopped up yourself.
For ground Cacao we then carefully grate it into a crumble for ease of use.

* Cacao like this is the purest form with all the original goodness and fat intact.
* The fat helps your body assimilate the nutrients from the Cacao easier
* It dissolves less readily in liquid so takes a bit of dedication (or a high speed blender!) to get a really smooth drink.
* Beautiful & rich if used in recipes or chocolate making.
* Good, balanced, sustained energy release
* Can help you feel warm & open hearted
* Delicious & nutritious

Cacao powder

The Cacao paste is put under intense pressure whilst still in liquid form which separates the fat. What’s left is known as the press cake, it’s then milled to make the powder.
The separated fat solidifies into cacao butter.

* Powder is not classed as "Ceremonial grade" as the processing seems to alter the overall vibration & essence of the Cacao
* It dissolves easily in liquid
* Amazing for smoothies & for adding to recipes
* Way more nutritious & tasty than standard, processed cocoa powder
* A more immediate energising effect