We are featured in Sublime Magazine's "The Chocoactivists 2018"




A Welsh company that has been producing stoneground, single-origin, unroasted, bean-to-bar chocolate for over ten years, Forever Cacao uses only ethically sourced Peruvian Asháninka Cacao.

The company has established a sustainable direct supply chain with communities deep in the rainforest. The chocolate is minimally processed from all-natural ingredients: some bars are made from only three ingredients, and are certified organic. This award-winning chocolate is free from all the major allergens, including gluten, dairy, soya, nuts and palm oil. It has always been vegan and contains no refined sugar – coconut sugar is used as a sweetener instead. All bars are handmade and wrapped in plastic-free packaging.

Using only pure cacao, the brand have found themselves at the forefront of the recent surge in the use of chocolate for cacao ceremonies which are sweeping the world. Ceremonial-grade cacao is made from wild heirloom varieties grown from ancient rootstock, that are untampered-with by genetic modification and grow in a balanced ecosystem alongside other rainforest plants.

Unlike cacao powder – which is never ceremonial-grade, due to heavy processing – Forever Cacao is produced from the whole bean and retains the naturally occurring fat (cacao butter) which makes for an altogether creamier, more luxurious and nourishing drink. This variety retains its plant medicine status and can enhance all kinds of creative and meditative practices from music production, painting, dancing or simply just being in the present moment. It can also be used as a coffee substitute as it contains theobromine, a gentle alternative to caffeine.